How to Compromise Matrimonial Disputes SOME1 wrote: Chatur Bhai, I want the matrimonial dispute compromised between me & my wife. Can you pls suggest me what are the options under which a compromise can be signed between varying couple who are in court room against each other as enemies. How’s that possible in that scenario? Thanks for your kind help ad attention SIR.
aturchaturwrote: dear SOME1, It can be done either through MCD (mutually consented divorce) or it can be done through mediator agreement based settlement or it can be through court fixed settlement terms binding on both the parties or through counseling in CAW followed by mediator agreement (which may be biased as per my personal experience) or through DDRS (Delhi Dispute Resolution Society) or compromise agreement before mediation centre of a court or a compromise achieved by judge/ PJ or Family Court Judge himself mediating between varying spouse.
But, as per my personal experience, if the spouse files counter …